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2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai

Team Finland 2017

And so it begun. On Sunday we celebrated the 70th anniversary of Shorinji Kempo by the World Taikai in San Mateo, USA.
We had honoured guests from outside and inside of our organisation present.
 Mäki-Kuuttis and Morigawas, Shorinji Kempo families.
 Morning started with the flag bearer's organisation. Ours was Kirsi.
 Many of the flag bearers I know personally, but not the Chilean one... He is one of the 6 kenshis training in Chile... That's inspiring.
 Team Indonesia (some of it)...
 Group embus were inspiring also... I would love to learn how to do one some day.
 Taikai had 22 countries represented. Shorinji Kempo is practised in 40 countries all over the world.
 Friends from New Zealand! Met them also in Japan 4 years ago...:)
Yoshi sensei's mother and her calligrapgy group had turned up for doing calligraphy for whoever wanted it... This was a really great touch... I got 'ken' done:) She is amazing.
At the start there was some sitting around as can be expected...
The first embu groups were children and young people's categories.
 Kyu Kenshis were up pretty soon also.
 Including Joni and Jaska from Vantaa.
 Boys did great! It was a solid performance. They opened up their category.
 There was 6 courts in total, so unfortunately could not follow all the embus that would have liked to have done...
 I got a glimpse of the Germans...
 Who were doing great...
 As far as I could see.
 The Japanese Speaking American host of the Taikai and my new friend from Chigago, Michael Eastwood takes a break.
 Swedish national team prepares...
Unfortunately our embu was at the same time as Arnaud's and Jonatan's one, but they did awesome - 7th place
 French National Team poses:)
 This was our shot of the team spirit <3
 GOOOOO Finland!
 Of course the opposition was fierce...
 Young and small;)
 I am pleased to say that my embu partner and cousin is a very patient person, who has kindly looked after me the whole week even when I've been very ill. She is great to train with - challenges me to be a better version of myself <3.
 Waiting for our turn...

I must say that unlike many times, I was not all that nervous this time... Maybe because we knew our shit, or maybe simply because I was so ill, that I thought - fuck it - I'll do my best, I'll do what I can, and that must be enough.
 I yelled as much as I could even with the cold I had. The Indonesians really teach you how to show agression;)
 Kirsi and I felt the embu went spot on.
 It was our level, definitely better than 7 years ago in Italy, which was the last time we competed (if you don't count Sweden this spring...) Shorinji Kempo is about competing against yourselves more than anything, right...? In our category, there was a USA couple which had some nerves problems, which really hurt their game. It really isn't all that easy to go infront of spectators and judges and do your thing. However much you have practised. I am so so proud of us. It could not have gone better.
 In the last throw, I land on my hip, which really is not good for my hip... But it had to be done...
 I had given my camera to Seppo who also got a glimpse of Cristina's and Carlos's embu.
 They are an inspiration.
This could be the last time these two compete.
 Such a shame... But of course health should always come first. There was many categories that I would have loved to have seen, but missed thanks to participating...
 There were many winners - specially from Japan and Indonesia.
The Taikai continued for a Taiko Drum demonstration
 And a randori demonstration by Hombu demonstration team.
 The Taiko was really amazing. Hard practise for them.
 The ceremonies continued to give lifetime establishment awards as well as passing the flag to the next World SK Taikai organising country: Japan... (were you surprised..? ;))
Those who got 1st place in the embukais, then got their medals from the stage.
And at the end of the ceremonies, Yuuki So, our shile, had some surprise gifts for the children;)
At the end of the day, we were very happy. We became 6th in our category, The morigawa cousins came 3rd in the women 2nd dan category <3. Both I think did very well.
 Time to put tatamis to wait for the next day's study session.
 Boys came 13th in their group. Team Finland thanks everyone who has helped us this year in our journey. It has been truly amazing to see so much spirit and cheer not only within our own federation but from our Swedish neighbors as well, who kindly helped us to evolve our embus into something better. Thank you so much! Truly a great day for Finnish Shorinji Kempo.

Most pictures by me...

Pictures of our embu  & Cristina's and Carlos's embu (c) Seppo Ruusukivi on my camera

Some of the other pictures by Timo Mäki-Kuutti and then there's some helpful kenshis whose names I have forgotten... sorry! Please let me know if you did some of these picture credits and I will add you... Thanks!

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