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2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai Preparation day - Saturday

 So, as you know, 2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai is being held in USA, in the city of San Mateo, near San Francisco, as we speak.
 I will try to report the activities from this event in English only, as I think everyone concerned know English enough. This is to save up some energy...
 Unfortunately already on Saturday morning, I felt like not everything was correct in the world. I felt like a cold was lingering onto me...:(
 On Saturday, we had an open practise time to get familiar with the tatami for those who were performing in the embukai and competition on Sunday.
 Kirsi and I have been training this week already in Peninsula Branch and San Francisco Branch who kindly let us visit on Wednesday and Thursday, but still we wanted to get this opportunity and of course start to meet the friends who have come from all over the world.
Some of these guys we see more often, in Gasshukus in Europe for example...
 But some we only have been seeing in Japan and it's been four years since the last World Taikai in Osaka 2013.
One of the most special things of this taikai is that Morigawa brothers were there with their two daughters who were also participating in the embukai.
 So Saturday was a good chance to get some last minute feeling to the embus and see what we are up against...
Indonesian girls and boys are very energetic, precise and quick. 
 Kirsi and I did some dance:)
 Not too much, because, as I said, I really wasn't feeling well.
 But mainly, it was just awesome to be reunited with all these friends.
 Team Vantaa was also prparing in good spirits.
 I looked at the Japanese women train. Of course they are 18 years old. They are 45kilos. These issues do come in handy when trying to win competitions like these. But mainly I was looking at how they have built their embus...
  We still have too many techniques. Not long enough breaks. Umpoho (leg work) is everything.
 Our coach, Teemu gave us last minute advice on kicking through in the first set and making that one count. I must say that it was a good advice and something that fixed a lot of our embu. Thank you Teemu! Even when it sometimes feels that we cannot take advise, we don't mean it! We really appreciated your support.
Ladies from San Francisco branch that we had met on Thursday night
 Connecting to new and old friends...
Dear Christina and Carlos from Portugal
 These two are my inspiration. At their age, what speed, what precision, what an awesome focus.
 And finally reconnecting with Evandro. We met him back in 2009 in Japan and have not since... But somehow he feels like our family member... I guess because there was only like 4 other foreign kenshis in Hombu training camp that year and sweating together for a week, does make a big bond. Evandro is a Shorinji Kempo legend and it was great that also Kari met him this time.
 That concludes my picture reportage of Saturday. Many more to come on this Taikai, so if you are not into Shorinji Kempo, probably better take a week's break from reading my blog. I must say, it humbles me a lot to see a room full of joyful people, who I have so much in common with. Like Yuuki So said in her speech: Shorinji Kempo was only one man's idea at the start, but now it is become a world wide family where people train their minds and bodies to improve themselves as well as the society around them. That's no small accomplishment...
Pictures from me and Kirsi (c) Seppo Ruusukivi

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