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LEA in Halmstad

The Second consortium meeting & internal Capacity Building Seminar of LEA - Learntech Accelerator was held in Halmstad, Sweden. Or in particular @Tylosand, the home of Roxette, by the beautiful west coast of Sweden.
 This time we meant serious business: Capacity Building for internal Procurers and Needs analysis for a new PPI.
What is a PPI, you might ask? The simple answer would be "Public Procurement of Innovation".

I try to make it 'earth language for you': It's when many municipalities/cities/schools all over Europe come together and say: We need to BUY this similar thing. This is what we need. Provide us with something that's better than what we've got! Of course the benefit is that banding several countries and organisations together - you should be able to get a better service deal. Let alone a better price. So it's worth it, right? Joined procurement? What do you think?

So these are the topics we used two days to discuss: On Learning Technologies - what do we actually want?
Needs.. So easy... or HARD to express.
It's easy to say 'this is my need' if you first ask: Show me your money!
But our tactic was to work with scenarios.
To build upon what we had learned in IMAILE project and moved on from there - to imagine what would be the ideal Personalised Learning Environment for our countries... for our schools.
It is fairly simple right. If your school, organisation, municipality or city is looking into buying new learntech in the near future: LEA can help you.
Not only do we provide you with the understanding of what goes on in Europe, but we also can interlink you into our network.
This will teach you how to apply for European Commision funds to make your school's dreams come true!
How about if you could be in the driver's seat for the new technology?
if Learntech was actually helpful for the teachers?
That's what LEA project can do for you.
All you need to do is go to: https://www.learntechaccelerator.eu/followlea/  And fill the form!
We are not asking you much. We ask that you would listen on opportunities that are out there for you. That's it.
Plus we are super cool consortium as you can see from these pictures.
Everyone looks like a Rockstar!
How about you hang out with us next?
LEA is preparing a cross-border procurement of Innovation in the field of Learntech. 
But enough with marketing talk...
Learntech Accelerator coordinator, finally relaxed after two-day meeting below...
What I like about this consortium is that it brings together people from different backgrounds: New, Experienced, Procurement, Industry, Learntech specialists, teachers... You name it.
Our host Halmstad made a great job in organizing this meeting.
It rained. Hard.We enjoyed. We were in the Jacuzzi at the end of the meeting. 
The food was all around divine.

As what you might expect from Sweden...:)
 I managed to get a shot of the IMAILE/LEA boys:)
Consortium meetings can be tough on coordinators... But I think there was certainly a reward in the end of this one.
I honestly think we all went home much more knowledgeable than before. Part of the work is understanding the topic: Learntech procurement. Part of the work is understanding each other.
We are a young consortium. Still, some tricks to learn. And how about the coordinator? Getting there.

/Juhannuksen alusviikolla olin Halmstadissa keskustelemassa oppimisteknologioiden hankinnoista jälleen koordinoimani 'LEA' Learntech Accelerator -projektin kokouksessa. Tarkoituksena oli rakentaa tietoa kuntien, kaupunkien ja koulujen ymmärtämykseen siitä millaisia mahdollisuuksia heillä on mikäli heitä huvittaa hankkia oppimisteknologioita yhdessä esim. muiden vastaavien EU:n sisäisten organisatioiden kanssa. Oletko hankkimassa oppimisympäristöä koulullesi ja sinua ei huvita maksaa koko laskua itse? EU voi auttaa... Ja projektimme LEA voi kertoa sinulle, että miten... (+kirjoitella hakemuksenkin puolestasi) eli aika hyvä diili vai mitä... otappa yhteyttä: +358505631805

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