keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2016

Berlin Autumn Training Seminar (BATS) 2016: Sunday

 Sunday the last day of BATS dawned once again faster than any one of us wanted. Sunday also brought us some rather special moments of Shorinji Kempo which you certainly won't see anywhere else...
We got to enjoy the teaching of Alexei Rokitski sensei.
 The stories he shared were as facinating as his philosophy and style.
He told us about the times of the Soviet Union, how it was to practise martial arts when it was not allowed.
 The way that East and West of Europe comes together in BATS, is one of it's best qualities.
 We have been so grateful to see things that one does not often get to see in these Gasshukus.
 Alexei sensei thought us that if you demonstrate with your 'own son', there are no limits to what you can do:)
 Okay he adopted quite many sons over the weekend.
 They all laughed at him at first... With fear in their eyes...
But even the audience knew to be on alert...
 Russian style...
 Italian style...
Italian-German Baby style...
 The big family that is Shorinji Kempo, sure shows in BATS. 
 Unfortunately for me, I had to leave early on Sunday, to catch an afternoon flight. I missed for example the session where embu was thought by my cousin to the younger kenshis. Go Kirsi!
 It is always hard to say goodbye to all the friends...
 Once again, this gasshuku was organised by such a small budget that I don't know how the Branch scrapes it all together. It is also organised by such a big heart. Sure takes my breath away.
 Thank you for everything! See you soon guys! Maybe in Finland? Maybe in Sweden? Maybe in San Francisco? Or Maybe in BATS 2017...? We shall meet again.
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