keskiviikko 2. elokuuta 2017

2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai Evening Gala

 So, as in many taikais... this one, had an evening gala... 
Kirsi let me fix her hair...

 Dress code was formal.
 Humor code was non-Finnish.
 It was nice to get quality time with friends.
 Can you do this hair in a moving bus... just a question...
 Our Portugese friends were there.
 And the swedes in their stupidly well fitting suits;)
 Yours turly took a traditional toilet selfie.
Swedish/Russians found their table.
 And we found our special Doshin So wine!
 What a surprise!
 We sat near the Dutch-portugese....
 Toast and speeches were good.
 In our table, there was two guys from Chile and one from America. And one from Kajaani... Okay two from Kajaani...
 The wine was very rich
 Kenshis from Silicon Valley celebrated their embukai success.
 Birling Sensei had also scooped up pretty good as always.
 Seppo sensei was on a good mood thanks to a well gone grading on Saturday.
 One of the only blonds in this Gasshuku...
The entertainment was cheerleading kind... Which is nice:) Certainly entertained a bit part of the population.
This is Alex before he went to the Study Session and got himself to a condition that I am no longer allowed to post more pictures of him...
 Of course, to Japanese parties, there is a certain amount of gift passing.
 Nuno, my long lost friend.
 Meeting Evandro's beautiful wife, Rachel.
 Meet the Germans...
DO you dare to REALLY meet them...?
 These beautiful and inspiring girls came in 4th on the 2nd dan category - well done Maria and Tania!
 One of my most interesting and fun new friends is who I pose with in the picture below... This girl had knocked some socks in the 5th dan exam on Saturday and she's also from Silicon Valley Branch.
 This girl flew in, but since I am not allowed to post any pictures of her face, I only post this picture of her awesome bag... or is it a pompom...? Hair duster...?
 Alexansder sensei also could not resist probably the Miss taikais of 2017 pose...
 Nore could the men in general...
What a fun night we had at the Hyatt hotel... I met so many new friends. I connected with so many old friends. Kirsi and I were talking of how humbled we feel about the fact that we get to be a part of all this...  All these people meeting at once. And all of them so friendly and willing to share things about their lives. What a rare commodity Shorinji Kempo is. For me, it is truly unique.

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