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2017 Shorinji Kempo International Study Session Day 3

So, let's see if I finally get this Taikai picture series last two episodes out...
Starting work again and my son's school has taken most of my energy in the last few weeks.
But let's get back to business. Back to San Mateo, Burlingame, a few weeks back into the world gathering of Shorinji Kempo kenshis...
On the third and last Study session day, we started the morning with some collaboration exercises...
These are often done in kids' classes, but equally fun for adults as you can see...
Starting with one pair against your back, get up. Then four...
Then eight(!?)
How many can you get...?
New was Kihon...
And paired form.
It was great to follow all the smiles on people's faces when they were getting on with the practice.
Level of teaching certainly had gathered all the highest competence of Shorinji Kempo in the world present.
 When Arai sensei shows you Juho, you are like "oh that looks so easy". When you try it, you are like "Why does it not work!?!!?"
On the third day I realise that you can get a very Star Wars wibe into the pictures by shooting the lightsabers of the cealing...
Maria and Benedict test their ashi barai moves.
Good to sometimes listen to instruction... But Maria... He is going to punch you to the gut! Watch out!
Germans with lights sabers! (ok, I admit getting a little bit too excited about this Science Fiction background)
Kirsi was training with a green belt, who had quite a mean jun zuki...
These were our new friends from San Francisco branch which we visited on Thursday before the taikai begun.
Overall everyone was in good spirits.
Hasso gamai practise.
Manfred sensei is about to do shitauke geri in Millenium Falcon.

Nuno could also be a Star Wars villain... Or is he a hero..?
 What I like about Shorinji Kempo so much, is that in each Gasshuku or event you go to, your group of friends only keeps on growing. This for example is a Chilean-Finnish friendship born in California.
 On the night of the BBQ, there was a 'Draw Doshin So based on your memory of what he looks like' -competition.
 The results were hang on the walls for our enjoyment the next day.
 During any breaks, the front podium of the hall was also queued for group pictures. Puka sensei's branch from Bavaria... However, many said that the third day was really rich for training. We got some teaching from Kawashima senior sensei. He liked to pick his son as the 'dummy' which was entertaining as I think maybe some other practice opponents do not kick the secretary general of WSKO quite so hard...:)
 Mukaida sensei here shows some of the contact activities...
Fift dans were doing some special practice to make your opponent fall.
 ...Which ended up both falling to the ground.
 Pressure points to the use!
 Higher belts were doing hand cuffs from belts.
 Baku ho 3?
 I was just sneaking around this group as their business seamed quite exotic...
 At least their form didn't look like anything I have encountered before...
 Fourth dans were doing juho...
 Alex sensei shows what pain feels like...
 But payback is...
 Third dans close their session with applause. Last training of the week.
On Wednesday afternoon, it was time to award all those who had gone through belt examinations successfully.
 Yoshi sensei picks up his 6th Dan certificate from Shike.
 Below, some of the new fifth dans.
 Including Finnish pride and joy Seppo sensei.
 These are new 4th Dans, including Arnaud Sensei from Gothenburg and Teemu sensei from Hämeenlinna. - Do you recognise them? As Finns, we also cheer our neighbours of course!
 My new friend, Deacon sensei from Maui turns out to be perhaps the best Shorinji Kempo photographer that I have seen for a while. I'll ask him if I can publish a couple of pictures he took of my embu with Kirsi... Fantastic!
 Congratulations Seppo! And Brandon as well!
Finnish new ranks! Our head coach Teemu sensei 4th Dan and Seppo sensei 5th Dan. Good job guys!
 US kenshis hospitality was amazing. This small guy below adopted our whole family and drove us around San Mateo, for some nice night in a pub as well as back to our hotel several times. I would like to extend our gratitude towards all the hard working kenshis of US to make this taikai happen. I've been organsing events for a long time - I know it's all voluntary, it's all out of the time you could be spending with your families or some other activities - But you made it happen for all of us and I think you deserve a big thanks! Not just Brandon of course but Yoshi sensei and all the other tens and tens of kenshis involved in the staff of this taikai, from US as well as from Japan... etc.
  Finnish kenshis thank you all!
 Taikai is a special time for all attendees and staff. It is long waited, sometimes for four years like this one. But it ends so suddenly. Then we return home with certificates and medals, but at the end of the day, what matters much more is the growth in our hearts - old friends, new friends, working together, everyone being happy all the time, everyone enjoying their lives, every moment. 

It might take a day or two, week or two, for life to get back to normal. I certainly had it hard going back to work after this much enjoyment. Gasshuku hanghovers hit hard, taikai hangovers hit harder. But guess what? Only two more years until European Taikai 2019! 
Better start working on your embus...

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