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2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai BBQ

 Now, what would a World Taikai be without a Barbeque party?

Some pictures from 2013 Barbeque in Hombu 4 years ago can be found from the end of this post.
This time of course we were in America, the promised land of BBQs...
 This is so-called "informal - relax - party"...
 Where dresscode is casual...
 As opposed to Taikai Evening Gala....
 This indeed guarantees enjoyment
 So many happy faces...
 Okay and many hungry people...
 Pretty and hungry. Pretty hungry.
Kari and Mike had met in 1989 in Japan... Catching up the nostalgy!
 Our new friend Brandon from San Francisco was entertaining us in the line.
 Hombu always sends its best and most beloved staff:) Hidemi as lovely as ever, Ishii sensei has a permanent smile on:)
Even guys from Chile are hungry...
 Food is on the way.
 "Somebody give Kari a banana", was probably Kirsi's most common phrase in the 2 weeks in America...:) Do not go near my uncle when he is hungry...
 But there it comes, meat for all.
I clearly had too much time to take pictures in this line...
 Nick is putting on his best impression of Chuck Norris.
 I love this woman to bits...
 Aosaka Sensei spins around miss 5th Dan to be.
I wish I knew how to dance like this...
 Also melon dress, really good for this kind of thing.
 Yeah, still jealous of the shoes. Who knew that minty green heals could cause all these feelings...?
Indonesians had brought in the big guns.
 Their BBQ entertainment was something new.
 Even Sosai was interested.
 Ever smiling General Secretary:)
 I think everyone loved this performance.
 The atmosphere was very relaxed. We got some old friends and Shorinji Kempo legends to visit our table.
 Senseis and kenshis, all together.
 Indonesians got all of use to join the dancing.
 This was a bit like line dancing, country feeling...
 Selfies were popular.
 Felix, Arnaud, Romain, Jurgen, Denis and Federico, contemplate whether to join...
 STill sceptical...
This is what we like to see... Maybe more ethnique dancing in the future taikais...?
 Next was: "Senseis draw - Countries guess" competition, hosted by young 3rd dan ladies from Silicon Valley.
 Raise your hand if you think you know the technique
 Some were natural drawers.
 Whatever you do, make sure to remember to have fun;)
 Meet new friends!
Was this uchi uke geri...?
 This yukata made me remember Bon Odori...
 On the contest, there was a draw between countries, so the winner was solved by 'Rock-Paper-Scissors'...
Audience with chatter.
 Next was "Draw Doshin So from your memory", which indeed was the same game that we played back in 2013... I guess back then it was also popular as this time:)
 Lots of people getting involved.
 I think the party ended way too early.. Or perhaps just in time. What fun we had! Ending by 9pm has the advantage that everyone is bright up and ready at 9am, when the training for the third day begun. Thanks for the US federation for organising this - I think for many kenshis, this was the highlight of the Taikai festivities. It's good to see all kenshis enjoying and talking accross borders, making new friends. I certainly did.

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