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2017 Shorinji Kempo International Study Session Day 2

I am so sorry dear readers that yours truly was in fact in bed on Monday, due to a very particularly horrible cold, so we will jump straight to Day 2 of the International Study session, also called Tuesday.
 Morning started with some stretching and kihon.
 Kenshis were jumping to get heat on.
 Some parts were funnier.
 I tried to get the German senseis all into one picture, but they were not coordinating their choku zukis...:(
 After warm up and Kihon, we were divided to groups by rank and got excellent senseis to teach us, such as Mukaida sensei here.
 Our old friend Fuji Sensei was also getting some action. He is always so happy and his stance is so straight. Great to see the smiley sensei again.
Theme of the morning was juji uke geri.
 Gothenburg style.
 Teemu was training with a pretty Japanese girl:)
Yeah, take this geri!
 Second dans were doing fukko chi ni. Finnish-Amsterdam style.
 Kirsi collecting some bruises to show.
 Kyus were doing tenchiken 1-4. Natalia shows Russian style.
 In Yondan, they were doing pressure points at legs... Emily & Angela go at it!
 Romain and Arnaud get the speed on.
 I tried to get Emilys shoes but failed with this shot...
 Francesco takes on Simon from San Francisco.
 Taiki gamae, right way.
Meanwhile my new friends on the Sickbay...
 Afternoon lecture was by Secretary General, Kawashima Sensei himself.
 We got a very useful booklet at this seminar, that can be used as Shorinji Kempo teaching material also when returning home. He gave us an overlook.
 Afternoon was full of golden teaching.
 First Arai Sensei on okuri and kannuki.
 Nuno and Timo
 My new friend Michael from Chicago asked if I'd take some pictures of him...
 Australians tried to distract me with that task...
 Specifically with Makino Sensei.
 So he demostrated Hasushi.
 Small man, great touch.
 Both very happy <3.
 New Zealanders happy to train, exams well over now...
 Dutch look so good, don't you think? What beautiful men.
 Dennis and Dolce sensei have such an amazing frienship story, loved it.
 German dream team poshing around with their rewards.
 Finnish Dream Team, or should I say Charlie's angels... On their best behavior;)
 These three crack me up...
 Help! I am giving you the white flag - stop hurting my arm... Finnish SK humor... No wonder other nationalities have a hard time trying to get us...
 What was even more amazing was Antero's bleedy lip as some small Japanese woman kicked him into the face... Lesson: Do not judge people by their size...
 Next was the living legend of Shorinji Kempo: Aosaka sensei's turn. He asked if we wanted his juho or goho and the group of sandan and above wanted juho... He said: 2nd dan and below were smarter! At his age of 71, we should have asked for the goho, as we don't know how that will be in 4 years from now.
Dimitri Sensei was smiling throughout the week also.
 Alex sensei however was taking some hits during Aosaka sensei's juho session...
 German senseis negotiate with Kouma So on something clearly intersting.
 Aosaka sensei's teaching was interesting and painful as usual.
One of the lessons of the day was that friends are treasures.  It was so humbling to see all of you together:)
 New friends from Washington and...? Someone fill me in...?
 One thing I love about Shorinji Kempo is this: helping people. I was ill - I got so many people give me medicines, trying to help me get better, ask me how I am, nurture me. Seiho (as shown in the picture below by new photographic friend from Maui) is one of the excellent ways of making the people around us feel better. I love that in Shorinji Kempo, we touch each other. So much hugging, kissing and massage. Not only punching and hurting. Being a part of all this, is so important for the time we live in: Not to connect only through mobile phones and devices, but to actually touch the people around us. Make the world a little better. Person, person, person. Everything depends on the quality of the person. 

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