perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2020

Väitös tänään: Oppimisen analytiikka vaatii tarkkoja yksityisyyden sääntöjä

Today is the day that Tore Hoel, my 'Phd brother' from Global Information Systems Group is defending his PhD "Privacy for learning analytics in the age of big data – exploring conditions for design of privacy solutions". Tore was already doing his PhD back in the time when I started mine. Over the years we have travelled together from Brussels to Lisbon to China to Belgrade - to name some. His custos and first supervisor is the same as mine, Prof. Dr. Jan Pawlowski. Tore's work tackles an interesting rising area of privacy in Learning Analytics. He has also done a large contribution towards the standardization of this area being a part of the ISO Standardization group.

It is not an easy task to defend one's thesis in the time of the Covid-19. This means Tore is defending from Norway, while the custos joins from Germany and the opponent, Professor Mikko-Jussi Laakso (University of Turku) joins from Finland. The platform is Zoom and you can still follow it online here:  

Link to the Zoom Webinar (Zoom application or Google Chrome web browser recommended):
Webinar ID: 618 6255 6106
Webinar password: 829478

You can also see the news in JYU site here.

During our many years of working together, many people I met, thought that Tore would never finish his thesis. You have now showed them wrong. Well done dear friend! Very proud of you! Congratulations on this journey finally coming to an end! Only I am unhappy that we couldn't have this celebratory day here in Jyväskylä today:( However, I am sure there will be another project one day and we will all be together again!

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