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Swedish Shorinji Kempo Spring Gasshuku 2017, Day 1

Winning paired embu of the Swedish Open 2017: by Jonatan & Arneau from Gothenburg Branch - Congratulations!

 This weekend, we went to Sweden for the annual Spring Gasshuku... 
 This blog will be only in English due to time shortage. Sorry Finnish readers!
Pictures from here on (c) Sven Hebbe
 In the Gasshuku, the Swedish Open embukai 2017 was also organised.
 There was traditional paired kumi embus, as well as so-called "Tandoku embu", which is a solo form.
 Pairs training for the San Francisco World Championships had an excellent chance to try out their embus now, in a competition situation.
 Arneau from Gothenburg has over the years had many partners, this time he has paired up with Jonatan.
 Kirsi and I have not participated into an embu competition for 7 years together... But we are back now.
 There was no other female couples... So we were in the 'all ranks' series.
 We were happy with our performance (& fifth place) - specially as Alex sensei was giving us a lot of help on how we can improve. 
 In the last set, there was some part that got forgotten, but still - it is good to go to the uncomfort zone and compete. Before the embu in the morning, you feel like puking your gutts out. Shit scared. But after it is done, you feel amazing. Like a winner for just being able to do the 1,5minute routine in front of all those people. I am sure we have improved a lot since 2003, which was the first year we competed... It is afterall, a competition to improve oneself.
 Kyu kenshi pair from Stockholm Södra, Olle and Odilon, were also coached by Alex sensei. They did extremely well, specifically competing in series where all other pairs wer 3rd Dan and above...
 We got 222 points... Should start to mark these down, so can compare to one's own points....
 The surprise embu came from Helsinki...
 Since there was so little pairs in the embukai, Seppo and Keijo decided to do Seppo's kumiembu for 5th dan grading as a bonus with 30minute time to practise...
 So basically Seppo threw Keijo around a lot.
 Oh, and since they were not sure if there's enough content, they had decided to do extra Tsubame gaeshi at the end if the bell has not rang;)
 Overall enjoyable.
 All competitors after the performances.
Pictures from end by (c) Sven Hebbe
 After the competition, of course the prices were given. Kyu hokei golden price went to Leif sensei's daughter from Bromma.
 Arneau and Jonatan rightly got the first price in the paired embus.
 And for the audience to enjoy, we saw the winning embus again.
 Anders won the Dan Tandoku embu series.
 All the pictures during the competition were taken with my camera by Sven Hebbe (c) thanks for the help. Now, these ones are taken by me.
 I have photographed so many Arneau's embus over the years that I think I should compare his embus over the ages...
 Beautiful dance
 I think he and Jonatan will have a great career together, they pair up well. Of course Jonatan still has less training hours behind, so he will have to catch up. Can't wait to see you guys perform in San Francisco!
 Another kenshi with a great future ahead is Dani;)
 On Saturday afternoon, when the sessions were over, we started the actual Gasshuku.
 ...by introducing the senseis.
 In the afternoon, Alex sensei thought us some basics.
 The practise was 'Hands on', so gloves on!
 Åke sensei's randori session was really interesting.
 Things that I learned:
- When you start going faster - stop the thinking, just move with your feelings
- Elbow slightly more in front, fist further up
- You can do everything with ushiro chidoriashi, mae chidoriashi (Arai sensei)
- Move just enough with ushiro chidoriashi and then when the other Person pulls back, move to the mae chidoriashi and go in.
- Practise punching to the head (mekubari), actually in, full contact, to stop the fear and eyes closing
 At the end of the day, it was time for some leg seiho.
 "Let's touch each other" -time!
 After 4 hours of training, yes this was so needed.
 After training, time for dinner.
 We went to an Asian buffet called 'Pong'...
 Good night with good friends!
 I was very happy, but tired at the end of the day... In Sweden, the sun always shines and the Shorinji Kempo teaching is on the highest level. Thank you for all the senseis!

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