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Shorinji Kempo Unity Study Session in Karlstad 2015, Day1

First a disclaimer: If you find any these pictures to offend the policy of 'no pictures of techniques' please let me know through Anders Sensei and I will take those pictures down. This rule is quite vague to follow and I have tried to not post pictures of 'certain technique' in the focus of the picture at least. However, as there was no deeper guideline, this is my interpretation. Also if there's a picture of yourself in the main focus of the picture which you'd rather not have online, please let me know in facebook or live and I will take it down. Let's try to make the camp still a sharable, nice experience together without harming people's IPR. If I have ever offended anyone by posting pictures, pleasee accept my apology - it's not my intention to do so.

Also this post will be in English only as most readers are multinational and I'm completely knocked down by a fever, so no extra energy lurking. Sorry Finnish readers!
 This week is the accension Thursday and there's now a new tradition which is to hold a Shorinji Kempo Unity Session in Sweden.
 Last year this session was a huge success in Bromma and you can read all about it in there posts:
Bromma Day 1
Bromma Day 2
Bromma Day 3
Bromma Evening Gala
 The Unity Level up seminars are meant for 1kyu to higher belts, to learn about Shorinji Kempo in depth.
If you visit two seminars (not in the same year) it cuts down your needed years to get to the next belt exam.
 Great thing about Unity Seminars are that there's always a good amount of actual training.
The seminar is spread over three days and during those hours, you really get to feel SK as its finest.
 Another noticable thing is the excellent Senseis which usually come all the way from Japan.
This time we are privilaged to get instruction from
Kaihoko Masayuki sensei, Shorinji Kempo International Instructor (Kokusai Shidoin), 7th Dan Seihanshi, Doincho of the Yamagata Tendo Doin

Fujii Shogo sensei, Shorinji Kempo International Instructor (Kokusai Shidoin), 7th Dan Seihanshi, Betsuincho of the Tokyo Otsuka Doin
No wonder these gasshukus are popular.
 There's kenshis from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Japan... Did I forget any country?
In my case, I've attended both last year and this year with my son, who is very accustomed to the SK life.
He's a part of a bigger SK family, that's why. At his age I was going to camps in Visby. 
 There's no way he can escape these guys...
 But it's also awesome to meet all the friends which I've got from all around Europe.
I was also delighted to see my older uncle in the heat of training for hours. His health has not allowed it up to this point for many years. Never give up! ./ Ilahduttavaa oli nähdä myös vanhempi setämieheni treenin parissa monta tuntia. Hänen fysiikkansa ei ole sitä tähän malliin sallinut moneen vuoteen
 There's about 70 kenshis in the camp and over 10% of them girls - go SK girl power! /Leirillä on n. 70 osallistujaa, joista yli 10% on tyttöjä - hyvä me!
Feeling with this girl is so that I feel like I've known her forever, even though it's just our second time on a gasshuku together. Some people are just like that - positive, radiating sunny energy! /Tämä tyttö on sellainen, että tuntuu, että hänet olisin tuntenut paljon pidempään... Vaikka tämä on itseasiassa vasta toinen kohtaamisemme.
And some people are more like family members than fellow kenshis... Doris <3.
 I have to say that first time ever outside Japan, we had sushi for lunch! And boy it was fantastic! The organisers have really pushed the boat out with the food of the lunches, by far best lunches on a Gasshuku ever - and coffee on top! Well done Anders Sensei!
Other organising is also very smooth.
The teachings of  Kaihoko sensei in the group 3rd dan and above on the first day, was excellent. What will I remember in the future? Well, at least that in embus, one should always have the elbows in front of the body (common mistake) and focus on withdrawing the leg faster - even though it's a lot tougher for europeans than the Japanese... Also, try to focus on absorbing the other person's energy, so you become one in the embu. That's a good point. Certainly some things to consider in our Wednesday morning sessions with uncle Timo where we practise our embu to the Lisbon Taikai.
 Best thing about a Unity camp though is this: Unity:)
 Unfortunately, I am very much under the weather this week, completely unable to train thanks to a high fever and sore throat which I got from Topfish. So on both of the first days, I've managed to hold onto being in the Dojo for until about 14:00 and then just left for the hotel room to nap. So unfortunately I missed the afternoon sessions entirely.

I have kind of accepted the fact that there's going to be a day when I will be able to train on a Shorinji Kempo camp... But that might not come for a few years yet... It's utterly terrible to watch these people have fun, to learn, to sweat and not be able to join, even as much as I could have with the boy being with me... Well... There's always Lisbon, right?
On the first day, it was a beautiful, radient Spring in Karlstad - of course the sun always shines in Sweden, right?
I got some extra time with Karlstad walking into our hotel with the little fish boy. At the end of the first day, a Mongolian BBQ also happened and I was so blowted that I've now solemly sworn that I will definitely never eat carbs in my life. Not that I've had any apetite during my fever anyways... Stay tuned for Day 2...

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