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Shorinji Kempo Unity Study Session in Karlstad 2015, Day2

 This Gasshuku diary is going to be a little unconventional and I do apologise about that. Unfortunately I can only write from my own personal point of view, so you get that story.

Day 2 of the Karlstad camp yesterday didn't start so good with me. Actually not at all good. I had a fever waking up and I sincerely thought that I might not get out of bed. I very rarily have those days. There are years in my life when those days just did not happen. However, this was one of those days. Certainly the start of it was the worst day of the whole year.
 Somehow I managed to pull myself and my son to breakfast where I had zero appetite - that's clearly a sign that I am not well... I drugged myself and started to feel somewhat more like it might be a possibility that we will go to the training hall in the morning. And there we went.
The main reason was that I knew that if I would stay in a hotel room throughout the day with this little man, he would probably break through the window himself, that's how much energy he has got. And another reason was that I knew that in the training hall at least I've got the support of my family if I pass out.

 As it so happens, my cousin, also the god mother of my son had injured her ankle...
 Second day training was still divided into two groups: 1kyu to Nidan and Sandan & above.
We have given a new nick name for Fujii Sensei. It is called 'Action man'. I am not sure if I have ever seen a faster sensei to move around. His leg & body work is seriously impressive and he's also giving valuable tips in the speed of light... He was teaching the higher grades on Day 2. 
 By 11:00 my fever was rising again and I was really passing out. Auntie Kirsi took Topfish for an hour to her care, so I could nap on the mattress. God mother-god son quality time had been going well until Tops decided to eat an ant from the floor. God mother was very apologetic when telling me this story: "I didn't think he would do that... But I think I got most of it out as he didn't like the taste of it. That's when I figured out to try to find the moomin bisquits from your bag..." awww:)
It's really good to sometimes have this kind of time, when I just cannot participate. It gave the opportunity for Kirsi to take over. I recognise how hard it sometimes is to give the responsibility of an autistic kid to someone else, however close. In this kind of circumstance, I was very lucky to have a support system. Family <3 It was also a good reminder for me that in order for my family memebers to get more confident of spending time with him is to give them more responsibility. It's about me trusting them. They can do it no problem, I trust them. And I need to enforce their confidence by forgetting my own need of being in control.
Okay back to the training stories from the second day.
Yes it was very sick bay filled for me, so I cannot possibly tell you what was going on in the trainings.
I can only tell you second hand stories. One is that there was a lot of teachings in idori. In the afternoon, apparently even idori kumoashi. I am yet to have seen how this works...:(
Lunch was a salad. Not as exciting as sushi on the previous day, but still a lot better than your average salad. The food on this gasshuku will be something to remember years to come.
At lunch break I perked up thanks to some more drugs and talked to these guys, aka 'The hobbits' or 'The dwarfs',  depending on whose talking.
I think among the name callers was this guy underneath right, mr. Peter T, who received a dreadful comeback insult, which was that he's stupidly hot... After all these years, one would think that I could follow British humour, but I once again find myself utterly lost. But surely cannot argue agaist their claim.
Meanwhile on lunch break, some pair dancing from Jyväskylä kenshis.

And Säynätsalo guys trying to explain philosophy for Russian Alexander.
And there was one more thing from Sensei Juha.
Sit down workshops of previous sessions.
Some comments I heard when people were looking at these guys: 
"P and A look more and more like brothers every day. A is the long haired one"
"A is not doing the technque correctly - P is not smiling so it must not be hurting"
Mr. Mendez and Mrs. Nilsson however were doing quite some moves.
Unfortunately the one picture where the leg is correct is not in focus... Sports photography is still a challenge...
Can I also add that my offspring does Yoga at his spare time... How many 4-year-olds suddenly burst into this:
After lunch the Goho session begun.
But it was clear that I could not stay this afternoon either. Shame, since I heard the philosophy was very interesting too... Sometimes your body just gives up and that's the time to pack your kid into a pram and head out. Thank you so much Doris for driving us. Yes, it was a max 10minute walk, but I was as weak as a kitten and lucky to get my son up to the room in one piece. Definitely made me wonder how people do it with two or more kids when there's those days in all our lives when you just cannot function? Made me also appreciate having a loving, caring husband who often stays at home to take care of little topfish, even on times that he is ill himself. You are my everyday hero <3.

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